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What is Omega Hymnal?


Omega Hymal is a program for managing and displaying song lyrics and chords.

It's intended for use in informal private settings, such as a home worship meeting, a singalong, band rehearsal, or jam session.

Although it runs as a web service, it can be run on a standalone computer.

How do I use Omega Hymnal?

You run Omega Hymnal on your personal computer, or any computer attached to your network, then access it with your web browser.

You can enter songs using a simple markup language for chords and song structure, or import songs from other Omega Hymnal users.

Omega Hymnal then presents you with a searchable list of songs. When you select a song, it's displayed with its chords in an easy-to-read format on the screen.

Personally, I run Omega Hymnal on my home file server, then display it from a computer connected to my living room television. You could conceivably access it from tablets, latpops, or even phones connected to Wi-Fi on the same network.

What features does Omega Hymnal have?


  • Show songs in multiple pages
  • Instantly transpose chords up and down with a keystroke
  • Display chords above the lyrics, just like a lead sheet
  • Search songs by name, keywords, lyrics, author
  • Import and export songs
  • Configure colors and key bindings

How do I install Omega Hymnal?

Getting Omega Hymnal

Omega Hymnal is open-source software. You can download it from Github and follow the installation instructions included with the code.


Omega Hymnal requires only Python and Flask. It should run on any operating system that supports Python, though it's mainly tested and developed on Linux.


If you need help with Omega Hymnal or would like to see it have some new feature, contact me! If you'd like to contribute to its development or report a bug, visit it on github.

That's too complicated!

I'm working to create a standalone, desktop version of Omegahymnal so that I can provide ready-to-run binary files for a nominal fee. If this interests you, contact me for details.

Supporting Omega Hymnal

If you'd like to encourage further development of this software, you can support me on Gratipay or by sending Bitcoins.

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