It Posted by Alan D Moore on 2011-08-15 15:38:42

Sorry geekpage. I've thought about it, and it's just over. I'm moving to a Wordpress blog.

I wrote you in a day when I had fewer kids, a less demanding job, and more interest in tinkering on a php file in my spare time.

I wrote you before there was facebook, twitter, googleplus, and all those other things I might want my blogs cross-posted to.

I wrote you before I knew I wanted to have a blogging client on my computer, or a less-annoying markup syntax.

I wrote you before I knew I wanted to tag posts and write about things other than technology.

It's ok, you'll still be here, serving up old posts for posterity. I'll just be a few directories to the left, working away. Or not. ...

I'm not going to rant about Windows Posted by Alan D Moore on 2010-11-10 15:21:24

I'm not going to rant about Windows. My wife's laptop has a Vista partition -- useful for playing Lego StarWars and checking out DRM-locked audio books from the public library's website, among other Windows-specific tasks -- that had an unfortunate bout with Spyware over the summer. The final result being, the activation system is broken and it insists our product key is not valid. Phone activation failed too, and I'm left with the prospect of phoning Microsoft customer care -- who are going to do what? At this point, I need media and a working key.

But I'm not going to rant about Windows. Or Microsoft. Instead, I'll tell you a story. read more ...

Flymake Posted by Alan D Moore on 2010-11-07 03:24:39

I decided to give NXHTML mode a try with some of my own code and update this blog. It wasn't so terribly exciting, since this blog's code is just pure PHP with no free blocks of HTML, but it at least worked fine.

What was really cool to use is another Emacs feature I stumbled upon while configuring NXHTML: FlyMake. Flymake runs my code through PHP in real time and checks it for errors, highlighting lines that cause PHP errors right away. read more ...

A better way to do web development in Emacs Posted by Alan D Moore on 2010-11-04 20:57:07

Fed up with the way Emacs's built in HTML-helper mode handled highlighting and other things on my last web-development project, I decided to look for a better solution. Because if there's one thing you can always be sure of, if the default Emacs is deficient in something as common as web development, SOMEBODY has written a bit of elisp to make it spectacular.

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Grrrrrrrr.... spam Posted by Alan D Moore on 2010-04-05 04:21:12

Well, just bee-bopping around tonight on my website I discovered that some of my less-travailed pages were defaced with spam links to unseemly locations. Perhaps the saving grace here is that almost nobody visits the affected pages, so let's hope the spammers didn't get any hits here.

I've grepped through the site contents looking for links, so I feel confident I've removed it all now, but anyone my apologies to anyone who stumbled upon anything offensive here (at least, anything offensive put here by someone else).

I'm on the verge of removing that old shoutbox code too, since it seems inherently susceptible to spam no matter what I filter. (1 comment)...